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The Future of Efland PDF Print E-mail
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Written by admin   
Aug 09, 2004 at 07:30 AM

I am curious of what the future holds for Efland. The location is a great place to be, closely situated to the Triangle and Research Triangle Park and just a stones throw further to the Triad there is real promise and opportunity here. Currently it seems like the most construction in the area is homes. While I believe that is good I do not believe that is where our future lies. The family farm is disappearing and subdivisions are taking their place. With most of the textile mills in the area closing what will the future be for the area residents?


While I agree that electronics and finance do have a presence here in the area, I am more comfortable speaking in the area of Biology and Biotechnology. There will be numerous articles and resouces about the area and because there is a growing population of Biologists in the area, I would like to provide information related to these fields.

I believe that the future for Efland is in Biotechnology and Pharmacology. The state of North Carolina agrees and there are a number of projects on the books. I believe that with the right effort a packaging plant, information center or research facility.


Research Triangle Park   Durham, NC 

http://www.ptrp.com/park/the_park.asp Winston Salem NC, Greensoboro 

Charlotte, NC

Kinston, NC ** Newest park, replaces many lost textile jobs..... 


Education Initiatives:


Government Facilities

Future Biodefense Laboratory 

Research Farms:

State Supported 

Novartis RTP, NC 



These are only a small sample of the Agri-Life Science, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical opportunities in the Research Triangle Park and Triad areas of North Carolina. Both are within easy communiting distance of Efland. I believe that with the right effort some of these research facilities will invest in the area. Some have already focused on Mebane ( Synthon ) which really is only a stones throw away. 


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